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2.06. Cushions

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2.06. Cushions

The cushion    Cushion: a necessary product, essential to the well-being, to the decoration of all good homes today and...
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The cushion 


Cushion: a necessary product, essential to the well-being, to the decoration of all good homes today and cushions with multiple uses and thanks to the team of can be cushion personalised for Mother’s Day because we offer many decorations dedicated to the most important holiday of the year: Mother’s Day.



a) Introduction

The dictionary of “L’académie Française” gives several definitions for the masculine french word “coussin”:


“A device reminiscent of a cushion, used to avoid friction, to absorb shocks, etc. The cushions of a hitching collar, of a harness. Especially. Air cushion, a layer of over pressurised air blown into the base of a vehicle or ship, which allows it to move without contact or friction with the surface of the ground or water. The hovercraft is a vehicle that moves on a cushion of air.”


“An individual flat cushion, usually bearing advertising, used in stadiums to improve seating comfort.”


“Safety device consisting of a flexible envelope which, in the event of an impact, inflates instantaneously by interposing itself between the occupant and the aggressive parts of the passenger compartment.”

English equivalent : airbag 

EARLIER DEFINITION (more prosaic): 

“An article of furniture, made of an envelope of cloth or leather, filled with wool, feather, horsehair, etc., and used for leaning or sitting comfortably. A cushion of sheet, velvet, silk. A round or square cushion. A richly embroidered cushion. Sofa cushions. Car cushions. Lying on cushions. Being cushioned with cushions.” 

Of course we will focus on the furniture object.

b) The cushion


 -Historical background : 

 Cushions were already in use in the palaces and luxurious houses of the Middle Ages. At that time they were often large and made of leather, which was hard enough to be used as a seat. With time and new trends, cushions have become much smaller.

In France and Spain, cushions have long been used as seats for special occasions.

Today, the cushion is an irreplaceable accessory in the home: on the sofa, bed or elsewhere. In short, cushions can be placed anywhere you like: on a windowsill, chair, bench, sofa or floor. 

The 1960s saw the appearance of huge cushions, called “pouffe”, filled with expanded polystyrene balls, which have remained the symbolic seat of the “baba-cool” years.

– The floor cushion: in Asian culture, this accessory is synonymous with saving space and feeling good. In Japan, it is traditional to sit on the floor when eating. Over the years, the Japanese have used it to improve their posture and promote good digestion. It is therefore logical that this design object has conquered modern interiors.


The floor cushion is very popular with anyone who wants to add a touch of bohemian chic to their living space. It can give any room a playful, exotic, warm and friendly feel. It invites you to get away from it all. Alternatively, it is often used as an occasional chair. On special occasions, for example, it is the perfect little thing to entertain guests. Not only because it is very functional, but also because it is practical for lounging, watching movies or playing board games. Also noteworthy: meditation cushions, yoga cushions, etc. This tradition of using the cushion as the only seat still exists in the Maghreb and the traditional Middle East.

The cushions we place in our sofas add a touch of colour, give a seat or an armchair a refined look and undoubtedly dress up any interior. The choice of cushions is almost endless.   Cushions can also perfectly personalise an interior, with our multiple choice of decorations: decorations to your liking, for Mother’s Day, for Father’s Day, for Valentine’s Day, with a reproduction of a work of art, etc. You will find this wide choice of cushions to personalise on the website 

c) Price

A cushion can be a luxury item, for example, at a wedding the bridesmaid presents the wedding rings on a small embroidered silk cushion; at an inauguration a child presents the scissors on a cushion to the officials who are about to cut the ribbon.

Cushions are available at all prices. From standard cushions made in a country where labour is cheap and sold for one or two euros to handmade gold embroidered cushions that cost much more, sometimes several hundred euros.

Of course, the cushions on Gifts-custopolis will never be as expensive, even though they are not inferior in terms of decoration.  

You can also change the cushion cover according to the seasons, events or your mood with different choices of cushion covers from

You can also match your cushions to the artwork in your home, match them to the chairs, or match them to whatever you want; only your imagination is the limit of your choices.

d) How to combine mismatched cushions?

Combine mismatched cushions without overloading the decor or creating a mismatch and messing up the combinations! 

  1. Mix cushions in neutral tones, with or without decoration for a soft harmony that takes into account the decor.

  1. Use white to create matching cushions.

The white background of the cushions makes it easy to combine mismatched cushions, regardless of the pattern of the cushion fabrics. 

The cushions sold at all have a white background and can therefore be combined very well! 

  1. Combine cushions with black and white patterns.

From then on, there is little chance of getting the colour mix wrong, whether it’s stripes, flowers or dots, you can’t go wrong.

  1. Combine mismatched cushions in a theme.

You can easily imagine combining different cushions purchased from with artwork, or for different birthdays, only your wallet is your limit.

  1. Combine the cushions in a cameo.

Choose a dominant colour and combine it with different shades. Pale red, dark red, burgundy. You can then use round or square cushions, raised or not.

  1. Another tip for combining your cushions: dare to use contrasting colours for a successful mix

In the camaîeu style, you can also add cushions in contrasting colours: white or black cushions between yellow and orange cushions… 

  1. Change the shape and combine mismatched cushions.

A personalised heart-shaped cushion for Mother’s Day, ordered from, will look great on your sofa among other square cushions.

  1. Limit the number of different colours to a maximum of 3, taking into account the rest of the decor.

  1. Use a motif on several different cushions! 

Choose a dominant cushion and then those that have a difference in colour, shape, scale, material to end up with cushions with the same pattern; polka dots, lines… 

  1. A theme is all very well, but why stick to a closed framework? 

Add a cushion that stands out from the crowd. For example, a personalised cushion from cushion with a work of art in an interior dedicated to art, or a black and white polka dot cushion in the middle of pink and green cushions…

  1. Accentuate with mismatched cushions in monochrome.

And add a different cushion to give character to the whole, because monochrome offers all the possibilities of patterns and colours.

  1. Limit the number of mixed cushions.

Obviously, the more cushions you mix, the greater the risk of a bad combination! You can limit this risk by limiting yourself to three cushions, for example: one cushion with a small pattern, one cushion with a large pattern and one plain cushion with a particular colour theme.

     13. Without resorting to monochrome or cameo, it is possible to harmonise mismatched cushions with colour. How can this be done? By choosing fabrics of the same shade. Dark only, 100% light or pure pastel, a common colour intensity is enough to unite mixed patterns!

  1. Use plain cushions to combine mismatched cushions.

We don’t think plain is necessarily the same as monochrome. To achieve a successful mix of mismatched cushions, you can easily reduce the number of prints: you combine different colours in a theme and place a single matching pattern in the middle.

  1. Match the textures of the different cushions.

Choose them all in the same or similar material. Choose cushions in leather, fur, velvet, knitwear, lace, and have a family of colours, different sizes, etc.

  1. Contrast mismatched cushions with the seat.

Mix and match, as long as the intensity of the cushions contrasts with their support. For example: light cushions on a midnight blue armchair, dark cushions on white bed linen!

   17 Another tip for combining mismatched cushions is to ensure symmetry.

Here, we mix the patterns and choose at least two cushions of each shape to create a mirror-like design.

  1. Dare to go maximalist with multi-coloured cushions

You can also mix colours and patterns with mismatched cushions, which is very popular. However, limit the colours to two or three dominant colours so as not to overload them, and reserve this type of mix for sober decoration or outdoors.

  1. Choose a style for non-matching cushions. 

When it comes to matching cushions, there’s colour, pattern, theme… and also style. Modern or retro, minimalist or maximalist? But it’s best if the fabrics and patterns belong to the same family, so that the mix and match is consistent!

  1. Combine a pattern on mismatched cushions 

In this case, you should choose a pattern that appears on all the mismatched cushions, even if the patterns are different. For example, you can find zigzag, check or chevron patterns. Of course, it is always easier to follow a dominant colour theme. 


e) Why relook your sofa with different cushions?

By decorating your sofa with different cushions, you can add a personal touch, increase comfort and brighten up your home.

Colourful fabrics are enough to brighten up your sofa or bed. Cushions are a real decorative asset, allowing us to give a new look to our living room or bedrooms.

Let’s not forget their practical use: they make armchairs, wooden or metal chairs more comfortable. When installed in the bedroom, they create a very pleasant atmosphere. Their bright colours make even the most sober fabrics stand out, while the patterns add character to the decor.


f) What to do when a cushion is “flat”.


  1. To keep your cushions soft and plump all year round, choose or have your cushion cover made so that it is at least 1.5 to 2 cm smaller than the stuffing (or inner cushions) all around. This will spread the inner material over the height and give it some bulge for a nice visual effect and also improve the comfort of the cushion.

However, on the filling is well suited to our cushions.

  1. If you notice that one of your cushions is a bit flat, take it out of the cover, shake it up a bit and put it back in the cover properly. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can also buy a quality (100% polyester) filling, buy a cheap cushion or empty an old cushion and use the filling to fill the inside of the cushion as you prefer.

  1. According to Sabine (interior designer), the following tips are related to aesthetics. How many cushions for my sofa? The minimum is 3 cushions per corner. But the most important thing is the shapes and sizes. Play with shapes and sizes: squares, rounds…, large, small…. (and I personally add colours, textures…). 

It’s the right combination that will bring a plus, a subtle balance between these different shapes and sizes that will bring the touch you’re missing, will give your sofa some relief and, above all, the desire to curl up on it.

This interior decorator recommends opting for patterned fabrics: graphic, floral… for the same reasons of presentation, relief, final touch, but also different materials to play with volumes and your sense of touch which has its place in your sofa.


g) Other: polysemy and homonymy of the word “pillow”.


– The pillow is a support under the head, generally used for sleeping in a bed. When this support is tubular and covers the whole width of the bed, it is called a bolster or duvet. The shape, composition and fabrics vary according to use, culture, quality and comfort level.

– The nursing pillow is a multi-functional pillow; during pregnancy it relieves the back and provides a comfortable sitting position, allowing for relaxed postures. It also provides an ideal position for breastfeeding your baby, and you can even lay your baby down in it.  

– The travel pillow, C-shaped to rest on the shoulders   

– In food;

> The Lyon cushion: 

The Lyon cushion, a speciality of Lyon, is made of a creamy chocolate ganache delicately set with a thin layer of candy flaked marzipan. 

The Lyon cushion was created by the master chocolatier Voisin. Over the years, he has become a gastronomic ambassador for the city of Lyon.

> The hazelnut cushion

The hazelnut cushion is a festive delicacy, the hazelnut cushion is made of fried bugne dough in the shape of a ravioli and filled with hazelnut chocolate spread sold by the Cazador company.


– Thesaurus of cushion: words that are related to the word cushion.

A ” coussinet ” in French is a small cushion.

A knee cushion is a square cushion on which you can kneel or put your feet. 

Bed side, headboard or headboard is a part of the bedding on which you rest your head when lying down. 

A pouffe is a large, soft seat with no visible wood, often large enough to seat several people.

The fart cushion is a cushion that imitates the sound of a fart when you sit on it.

The “rond de cuir” in French (old) is a cushion in the shape of a crown.

A “coussinerie” in French is a set of cushions.

A sachet is a small cushion into which perfumes and scents are put.

An eiderdown is the down from a species of duck from northern countries, the eider duck, which is used to make foot covers and blankets.

 A bolster is a long, cylindrical cushion over a bed. In French, in the vernacular or in certain regions, it is also called a “polochon”. The bolster battle or pillow fight is a game where the participants fight with bolsters for fun.

And so on.

Cushion: indispensable parameter, major to the well-being, to the decoration of all good houses of today and cushions with multiple uses and thanks to the team of can be personalised for a birthday or the event dear to your heart.


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