2.01. Yellow duck nightlight

Yellow duck nightlight

Hello or rather quack quack, but also coin coin in French or kwak kwak in Dutch, quak quak in German, qua qua in Italian, cua cua in Spanish, pa pa in Greek, mac mac in Romanian, vak vak in Turkish, coek-coek in Korean etc.

Whether in English or Italian, we are always talking about the same animal; the palmiped of the Anatidae family, whether domesticated or not, has the same easily recognisable beak and webbed feet.   



There are many, many varieties of ducks. The first ducks were domesticated 4000 years ago by the Chinese. The duck is very much in evidence in decoration and many people even collect them. Some collect everything related to English royalty, others collect plastic ducks and are called ducklovers. This duck that you can obviously find on Gifts-custopolis.com is an original kdo idea for a child, a teenager or for whoever you want.


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  • Giant Wooden Dice Set – €8.90
    on 24 March 2023 at 9 h 26 min

    Dice are used in many games. The best known are played with 2 dice like Craps, with 3 dice like 421 or with 5 dice like Yahtzee or Yams. Reiner Knizia, a world-renowned German game designer, reports that he has found 150 different dice games, which he explains in his book Dice Games Properly. Dice were found in the Indus civilisation in 2400 BC. Dice identical to those we know today have been found, with 6 sides and 6 small holes. Generally cubic with 6 sides usually numbered from 1 to 6 and therefore the values of the opposite sides is equal to 7. Dice have also been used as objects of divination. The Greeks claimed to be the originators of dice. According to Sophocles, the dice were invented by Palamedes, a Greek hero in Troy during the siege. Archaeologists have found dice in Troy. Ancient Greek vases also show Trojan war heroes playing dice. However, the dice we offer are larger than usual. These giant dice will please many players, both young and old. These dice are therefore perfect as birthday presents or as gifts for a party with friends. An original wooden game gift, to learn many dice games and have hours of fun.

  • Rabbit mini light white – €9.90
    on 24 March 2023 at 9 h 26 min

    The rabbit is a well-known animal in our regions. During a walk, it’s nice to see them for a few moments crossing a country lane. They move quickly and unpredictably. Their presence can be detected by finding their holes at the edge of the path, as rabbits also make shallow burrows in the ground to hide in.  The rabbit can also be your pet, as rabbits are social animals, have real feelings of happiness and are very affectionate. The rabbit is an animal often depicted in fiction. Bugs Bunny Max and Ruby in the Canadian animation series, the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, Coco Rabbit in Winnie the Pooh. Similarly, there are many children’s books where the rabbit is the hero of the story. What could be prettier and cuter than a white rabbit? Rabbits are therefore often popular with children. It is said that when the rabbit appears in your dreams, it symbolises good luck. It is therefore a good idea to give this little white rabbit as a colourful nightlight. A playful gift idea for children on the occasion of a birthday or a visit. The nightlight is an original idea to give to a little one. He will fall asleep calmly and will certainly have sweet dreams. An idea of small gifts games and toys for the little ones. 

  • Mask to personalise with tribal design – €9.90
    on 24 March 2023 at 9 h 26 min

    In Europe, just a few months ago, wearing masks in Japan seemed very exotic. At the beginning of the pandemic in Europe, when masks were scarce and were available at prohibitive prices, many of the citizens, generally the most agile with their hands, made protective masks in a very artisanal way. They were often made with whatever they could get their hands on, without really being sure they had the right technique, nor the right fabric, and the motifs of the masks were of little importance. Sometimes fanciful or even plain without a soul. Today, the price of masks has fallen sharply. With the mask we offer you at a democratic price you will have an authentic protective mask and a design that brings out your personality, your identity, thanks to a graphic like a tribal tattoo. Behind its abstract designs and complex lines the tribal motifs were created thousands of years ago.  They evoke the elements of nature (earth, fire, water, air, ocean, sun), animals (turtles, lizards, shark teeth), each with its own symbolism. Power, eternity, purity, immunity, fertility, the values carried by these tattoos are numerous. Ancestral and religious practice at the beginning to become today a fashion phenomenon through the subjects of the tattoos. Ideal gift to emphasize or bring out the ornaments, the motives which enthuse you..

  • Mask to personalise with an animal muzzle – €9.90
    on 24 March 2023 at 9 h 26 min

    Throughout history, masks made of pig bladders with crow heads have been seen during major pandemics. Today you can personalise the mask you buy with the muzzle of a pet or why not a tiger. During periods of plague, masks with the shape of a bird’s beak were made for doctors with medicinal plants that were supposed to kill the various infections attributed to the epidemics. The models of the masks have never ceased to be revisited in an attempt to improve them. Archive photos show that the miners wore masks to protect them from all the flying and suspended dust during their activities at the bottom of the mine. Around 1850, medical masks appeared. Charles Urbain Bricogne, a French engineer, developed a mask to protect against dust, dust which was dangerous to the health of railway employees.  At the dawn of the 20th century, the occupants of the tanks were obliged to put on a mask to protect themselves from the paint and iron debris coming from the walls due to the consequences of shell and bullet impacts.  Today, multiple means of protection are used: visor or face screen. These are systems already in use in various sectors of activity whose common aim is to protect against all types of projections. Visor used in metallurgy, welding, etc. Masks to be personalised with the muzzle of an animal, dog, cat, tiger, an indispensable gift for those who care about the health of their loved ones. Gift for him, gift for her, gift for mum, gift for dad fun gift     

  • Dino mini light green – €9.90
    on 24 March 2023 at 9 h 26 min

    Dinosaurs are creatures that have always fascinated young and old alike, as they were giant, impressive and imposing animals. There were many varieties of dinosaurs, some flying, others roaming the earth; some were bipedal, others four-legged. Some were carnivorous and others were herbivorous. They had either crests, horns and many other appearances. These dinos dominated and reigned supreme millions of years ago. Their reign, undivided over the whole earth, lasted several tens of millions of years and ended in an apocalyptic catastrophe that still frightens us today: the fall of an asteroid that caused their disappearance. There are many films retracing the frightening adventures or not of these dinosaurs, such as Jurassic Park. In the clan of the nice dinosaurs, there are for example: “Little Foot” in “The Dinosaur and the Valley of Wonders”, “Rex” in “Toy Story” and “Denver” in “Denver the Last Dinosaur”. These films of gentle dinosaurs have generated the attraction of younger people to dinosaurs in various forms. The dinosaur that we offer has several undeniable assets for him: it lights up, changes colour, has a 15-minute timer and moreover this dino is very friendly. It will delight the little ones as well as for children as a birthday present, as a Christmas present and for parents an asset for children who are afraid in the dark.

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