2.1. Yellow duck nightlight

Yellow duck nightlight

Hello or rather quack quack, but also coin coin in French or kwak kwak in Dutch, quak quak in German, qua qua in Italian, cua cua in Spanish, pa pa in Greek, mac mac in Romanian, vak vak in Turkish, coek-coek in Korean etc.

Whether in English or Italian, we are always talking about the same animal; the palmiped of the Anatidae family, whether domesticated or not, has the same easily recognisable beak and webbed feet.   



There are many, many varieties of ducks. The first ducks were domesticated 4000 years ago by the Chinese. The duck is very much in evidence in decoration and many people even collect them. Some collect everything related to English royalty, others collect plastic ducks and are called ducklovers. This duck that you can obviously find on Gifts-custopolis.com is an original kdo idea for a child, a teenager or for whoever you want.


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