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2.14. Trophy statuette on base

Trophy statuette on base

This trophy statuette funny gadget gift is outstanding. Generally speaking, trophies take the form of a cup, an original sculpture, a work of design art or any other object presented as a work of art, which has the appearance of a piece of PVC, marble or wood, most often engraved, but very rarely a gold-plated human representation!  You’ll agree that this statuette adds value. This statuette resembles the Oscars, which have been held in Los Angeles since 1929 to honour the best American and foreign films.

So if you’re a film lover,

these gifts for home trophy statuette really are the perfect decoration. It’s attractive and glamorous to decorate your home, and perfect if you’re organising an evening with a seventh-art theme.

Of course, we also sell other film-related gadgets and ideas for gift trophy statuette you’ll find on our sales site. 

This Oscar-reminiscent gadget can also be used as a reward for a child’s good results at school or elsewhere. However, this statuette can also be used as a gift for a competition between friends about cinema, or as a birthday present, or why not as a small gift for a film lover at a party. You’re sure to find  plenty of other opportunities to give this trophy statuette funny office gift, which is emblematic of the cinema. Trophy statuette funny gifts ideas and many other gifts you’ll find on


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