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2.18. Canar money box

Canar money box.

Why are piggy banks shaped like pigs?

Piggy banks are very often used by children to put a little money aside and teach them to save.

But many people wonder why piggy banks are generally shaped like pigs! 

What could be the link between the pig, saving and our small or large savings?

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The piggy bank, a business that began in England. The link between the animal and savings began in the 18th century in the British countryside, where pig rearing made it possible to feed people at lower cost. At the time, owning one or more pigs was a very good investment for farmers. They looked after their animals and fed them until they sold every part of the pig, because as everyone knows, “everything is good in pigs”. This is how the pig came to symbolise thrift! The pig was represented in the form of a hollow container, initially used to save for everyday life. Then the pig became a sign of financial ease, a symbol of opulence. 

But over the years, designers have come up with other, more fun and more decorative ways of storing money banks, always based on the principle of saving, whether for children, adults, associations or anyone else.

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