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2.16. Star wars Jedi Alarm clock

Star wars Jedi Alarm clock 


You love special gadget gifts and you are looking for a fun Star Wars gift idea for Star Wars fans who will be delighted with the training ball, a unique Star Wars gift that Luke Skywalker used aboard the Millennium Falcon in Episode IV: A New Hope. A Star Wars gift idea for fans of the saga, an original Star Wars birthday gift idea at

High quality alarm clock under official licence.


– Throw the alarm clock across the room to stop it sounding. Just be careful what you aim at!

– Dimensions: approx. 12 x 13 cm.

– Battery operated. This alarm clock takes the form of an Industrial Automaton Marksman-H training sphere, used by Luke Skywalker in his early days as a Jedi.

Jedi training sphere alarm clock stops when you throw it away fun gift idea

Star wars Jedi Alarm clock
Star wars Jedi Alarm clock







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