3.2. He was desperate for gifts 

He was desperate for gifts

Unbelievable but true! 


When you are addicted to gifts, some people are ready to do anything and everything!

A story that sounds like something out of a bad fairy tale and that would be called a lot of things, but also by deceptions, swindles, tricks, etc.! A Japanese man is being prosecuted in his country for scamming several dozen women from whom he hoped to receive a host of gifts. Indeed, Takashi Miyagawa seduced 35 women. Each of them thought they were his only conquest and thought they were in a serious relationship. He gave each of his conquests a different birthday so that he would often receive gifts. His birthday varied from February 22 for one to July for another. According to the news source: SoraNews 24 his real birthday was, for the record, November 13! However, his girlfriends discovered the deception and realised that they were not the only focus of this psychologically ill personality. They then formed a victims’ association and reported the scammer to the police in February 2021. The scam amounted to about 100,000 yen, which is worth about 765 euros. Reporters tried to question the man, but to no avail, he instructed his lawyer to speak to the police on his behalf. However, the police are still looking for other possible victims of this original, but very sad, deception.  




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