Star wars Plush BB-9E – €10.90

The Star Wars film saga is a real cultural phenomenon and has made a lot of money. The “Star Wars” films have undoubtedly made the most money. In fact, profits in 2019 amounted to over $9.491 billion. In 2018, Star Wars licenses brought in $4.651 billion, and merchandising brought in $42.1 billion, while films on various media (DVD, Blu-ray, etc.) brought in over $42 billion. However, all these figures seem very abstract and when you like…

BB-9E was an astromech droid aboard the Supremacy spaceship. This character was part of the “First Order”, Palpatine’s army that became the Emperor. BB-9E was the eyes of surveillance and was used throughout the galaxy.

From the BB series, from which he keeps the characteristics, he can only express himself by electronic language and whistles. BB-9E can be equipped according to the missions it is assigned. His head is trapezoidal and not spherical like the famous BB-8. There are other features to differentiate him from other droids. This BB-9E is in the colours of the First Order, i.e. shiny black and is very effective in its surveillance activities.

BB-9E will appeal to many fans as a birthday gift for a girl, boy or anyone else. This droid can also be an original gift idea for Mother’s Day, an unique gift for Father’s Day, an original kids gift, a Christmas gift idea for…

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